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Demers Bros Rigging and Machinery Movers was established in 1937. Over the years the original Demers brothers have trained their sons from an early age to carry on the business using the unique skills and technology that have set us apart from our competitors. Four generations later, Demers Bros Rigging and Machinery Movers is still providing skilled rigging services to the manufacturing industry and to all our customers who wish to benefit from the special skills and expertise we have acquired for over 80 years of moving heavy machinery.

In the medical industry we have moved all types of heavy medical equipment. Some through windows or walls and all require special handling.

In the manufacturing industry we have moved tens of thousands of machines to and from all types of facilities and under all sorts of conditions. We have moved entire factories across the country and around the world and placed every piece of equipment or machinery in place, on schedule and within budget leaving our customers the freedom to focus their attention on their business not ours.

We have moved irreplaceable marble statues and erected them in high and inaccessible perches. We have brought down and erected church bells into their bell towers and placed huge clocks on top of towers.

We have installed air handling units on rooftops and furnaces into basements. We have moved very large and heavy items inside of buildings with precision movement as required by our customers.

We have rigged specialty items, including irreplaceable works of art, historical artifacts and everything from an imported fragile Greek treasure for a world famous movie icon to the replica of the Titanic on display at the Marine Museum at Fall River, Massachusetts.

We have rigged heavy machines and equipment for schools, colleges, restaurants, construction projects, banks, the entertainment industry, hospitals, government equipment, foreign and domestic corporations, international manufacturing relocations and even a retired toolmaker moving his machinery from his garage to the his new home a few blocks away.

As one son of one of the original Demers brothers explained, “the heavier the item and the more complicated the project, the better fit it is for us.”

Roland and Robert brought their sons into the business at an early age as they had been, and trained them all to become master riggers. Our current roster of family employees include, Gary Demers, Randy Demers, Ricky Demers, Derick Demers and Earle Demers as well as our several team members of extended family of machine movers and riggers.

We not only rely solely on family members to provide the skilled labor needed to move heavy machinery. Our riggers have all been hand-picked and have many years of experience in moving heavy machines.

In 1998 Gary Demers a master rigger and nephew of Robert Demers purchased Demers Bros. Trucking, Inc. from his Uncle Robert Demers along with his 50 percent business partner and entrepreneur Christopher Attles. Over the past 22 years Gary, Chris and our highly skilled employees continue to adapt their skills to accommodate new machine designs and handling requirements. We at Demers Bros. Rigging and Machinery Moving pride ourselves to provide a service of  great value to our customers in every aspect of their project.

Safety is taken very seriously at Demers Bros Trucking, Inc. Protecting our employees from job hazards and meeting the safety requirements of our customers as well as our own internal standards are of primary concern to our upper management. We have an active safety program that is tailored to meet the specific safety needs of our operations and our program is under constant review and development.

Our equipment is designed to fit the needs of our customers. We are able to perform jobs efficiently because of our equipment and the processes we use in approaching a job. That coupled with our seasoned staff has made Demers Bros Trucking, Inc. into the rigger of choice for any manufacturer in the area who has been around long enough to know what rigging options are available.

Our equipment includes a large fleet of fork trucks and trucks, trailers and rigging equipment. We have a complete maintenance facility and full time specialized mechanics to keep our equipment in ready to work condition.

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