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When a machine needs to be delivered, off-loaded and assembled in a tight space in a factory and each section weighs about fifty thousand pounds, and must be stacked precisely on top of the lower sections, when a crane is out of the question (because it will not fit in the building) Demers Bros. is the rigger of choice possessing the skill and equipment to complete the job on schedule and within budget.

When our customer needs to move a machine into their factory and the only way in is through the upper floor opening, Demers Bros is experienced and up to task.

Very Heavy Equipment
When a press that weighs more than 100,000 lbs. needs to be laid over inside a building and loaded for transport our customers know that we can get into their building and lift up to 400,000 lbs. and travel with the load.

When a big engine needs to fit in a tight space and require skilled riggers to get the job done without a scrape or a scratch, it makes sense to call Demers Bros. family of master Riggers, rigging methods and technology date back to 1937.

Demers Bros. Offers our Customers Complete Turnkey Service including Electrical Disconnects and reconnects.

High Value Machinery
One of the many reasons our customers call us is because of our experience in moving expensive sensitive machinery that is critical to their operations. Many machines have internal computerized components that can be easily damaged if not moved by an experienced machinery mover. Demers Bros. is in the business of moving these types of machines every day.

Specialty Items
When a Customer has no one to call because their item is very unique, like a highly magnetized MRI machine going into a very tight space and through a window that cannot be accessed by a crane Demers Bros. Trucking, Inc. is the perfect fit for this type of project.

Plant Moves
Plant moves are our specialty. Demers Bros. Trucking, Inc. provides expert rigging services in the delivery of manufacturing facilities from the point of origin to the destination in a cost efficient timely manner.
We are sensitive to our customer production requirements and are used to working with customers so that they don’t miss a beat in their commitments to productivity.

Demers Bros. Trucking, Inc. will disconnect, dismantle, stage, load, store, transport, off-load, reassemble, place into position, reconnect, align, and even dispose of our Customers machinery according to their instructions.


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